The next two tunnels have achieved their goal!

A large TBM machine (Katarzyna, diameter 13.08 m) drilled a tunnel with a length of 870 m and achieved its goal, Polesie chamber. The deviation from the design was H=-23 mm V=-18 mm.

It is worth mentioning the use of innovative technology (on a global scale) transition of the TBM machine under the existing chamber ceiling in a half-circuit manner (part of the TBM machine worked above ground level).

Our task was to navigate the TBM machine to maintain a constant value of only 15 cm under the existing ceiling of the chamber. We managed this task and currently TBM left the Polesie chamber and follows the next chamber - Śródmieście.

Also a small TBM machine (Faustina, diameter 8.78 m) a few days ago reached the Koziny station.

A deviation from the designed axis H=20 mm, V=-15 mm and is currently dragged to the opposite wall of the station, where we will set it geodetically on the axis of further drilling.

Movie from this event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlB0asGCL_U